The cultural trends and technological realities of our time have changed how and where we spend time working in our professional life.  No longer does one need to be "at work" or "go to work" and sit at their executive desk to get things done, so to speak.  Work today is what one "does" not someplace one goes.  When successful, the most obvious benefit to telecommuting is the time saved in traveling to and from work each day. Rather than sitting in one's vehicle in congested traffic during peak morning or evening commute hours, telecommuters may enjoy the perks of perhaps beginning their work sooner in the day, while still in pajamas, sipping morning coffee from their home office desks. Time saved avoiding the roads can be significant, sometimes up to a couple hours per day. Rather than wasting time behind the wheel, the time may be capitalized on much more efficiently and productively.

Ideally telecommuters should have a separate office at home, complete with the necessary resources and technology to get work done. The correct home office environment, away from domestic activities or distractions, and suited with professional office furniture such as an appropriate home office desk, a comfortable office chair, technology components and any power and data accessories that will facilitate efficiency at work is a must.