When choosing a wood veneer color for your professional office furniture, many will want to automatically choose what is most pleasing to the eye.  However, there are a few more things to consider when selecting the color for your office furniture.  The color of the wood finish on your furniture can mean the difference between a bright, airy office that embodies a more casual atmosphere, or a more traditional office that brings respectability and corporate class. 

Ash:  If you are trying to convey a more modern and contemporary office, Ash is a popular choice for your executive desk and other professional office furniture.  Be sure to create lighter surroundings around your furniture, such as lighter colored walls or flooring.

 AshAsh qms-24

Cherry:  If you are trying to keep a more distinguished and traditional look to your office, you may want to consider a Cherry color. Cherry has a red tint to it, giving it a vibrant appearance. Cherry qms-86 Cherry qms-96 Maple & Walnut: If you would like a more relaxed and fresh feeling to your office, consider a maple or walnut color. This colors often convey a more home-like atmosphere, and can make your employees and clients feel welcome into your office with its familiar feeling.

CherryCherry qms-86

CherryCherry qms-96


Maple qms-21 Walnut qms-18:  Whether you are looking for a more traditional or a more modern look, always make sure to carefully consider your choices before selecting your wood veneer color.

MapleMaple qms-21

WalnutWalnut qms-18

Executive Desk Company  always offers free samples of our wood veneer colors upon request.