When you imagine a typical office, you will most likely picture an office with white or neutral walls.  However some studies have shown that white or neutral walls create dreariness, and a lack of energy or excitement for employees.  Therefore research has been done to investigate what colors are best for your office space, and what the characteristics are of each.



Blue is known as the universal color for productivity, because of its stable and calm nature.  Many find that their focus increases in a blue room versus other colors, and in turn they find that their day is much more productive.  Blue inspires the mind by promoting concentration.



An influential color, red stimulates the pulse and can raise blood pressure. It has been said to be a very good color for detail oriented tasks, as well as a good color for any job that involves any physical activity.



Well known as an optimistic color, yellow creates energy and inspires the imagination.  This color is best suited for designers or employees who require creativity as a main part of their job.  Use yellow sparingly, however, as too much yellow can cause anxiety.



Green is a very calming color that promotes harmony and balance.  A reason for this is because green is a very prevalent color in our natural environment.  This is a good color to use for those who tend to work long hours, as it defuses stress.