When trying to select a receptionist desk for your space, it may seem overwhelming at first.  There are many things to consider such as style, size, and functionality.  However, the process doesn't have to be completely stressful.  Here are a few tips to help narrow down what to look for in your reception desk:

 The Goodland Reception Desk from Edeskco

The Goodland Reception Desk from Edeskco


Style & Design


Depending on your needs, as well as what type of business you have, will depend on what style you want to focus on.   The design you're looking for may be more of a modern reception desk or something that is transitional or traditional.  For example a conservative office may want to have something that has more of a traditional feel or shape.  However if you're a high tech company, you may want a more contemporary or forward thinking approach.  This all depends on your business concept, and what type of environment you are trying to convey.


 Ball Reception

One of the more unique reception desks that  I have seen, "Ball Reception", courtesy of Architonic.


It is important to consider and measure your reception room before you purchase your desk.  Purchasing a desk that is too large for your space will make your room look smaller than it is, and will diminish the usable space for your seating area and guests.  If you choose a reception desk that is too small, you may not allocate the necessary space for your receptionist to work.  Also, keep in mind how many receptionists will be working at the desk at one time.  It is essential to make sure that the desk size you select will accommodate all of your staff comfortably.



Finally, while it is important that the style and size of your desk fits your vision and needs, functionality also plays a vital role.  The desk you select must provide enough workspace for your employees.  This includes the space to file, store, as well as having the appropriate space for electronics and office supplies.  Having the correct tools and storage will ensure a pleasant and stress free work environment for your staff.  It will also keep the area from being in disarray or appearing messy.  If needed, always consider adding additional storage such as a pedestal.  

  If needed, always consider adding additional storage such as a pedestal

Consider adding an additional pedestal for storage