Here at  Executive Desk Company, we are truly proud of our designs and ability to customize any of our contemporary conference tables.  For a little fun, we decided to take a look at designs around the world to see what other unique conference table ideas are out there:



 Swing Table

Swing Table by Duffy London

Adding a playful element to the traditional conference table design, is the "Swing Table" by Duffy London.  Supported by four posts, each seat moves freely much, like a swing set.  Made from walnut and oak with steel beams.  According to the manufacturer, "also makes vacuuming a breeze."  We can only imagine!


 Polypod Conference Table

Polypod Conference Table by OMC Design Studios

This impressive table has 100 metal tube legs, with a solid wood tabletop.  Although this boardroom table has the illusion of being foldable, it is not.  Still an impressive and fun design in our eyes!


 Cat Grass Table by Emily Wettstein

Cat Grass Table by Emily Wettstein


This unique table was created by Emily Wettstein, a 25-year-old designer from Brooklyn, NY.  Why not bring the outdoors to the comfort of your inside office environment?  The center part includes a removable planter, and therefore you are able change to a different plant of your choosing.  The tabletop is made of solid walnut with steel legs.



 Illusory Dripping Paint Table

Illusory Dripping Paint Table by John Nouanesing

Though only a concept at this point and not currently in production, we would love to see this table design by John Nouanesing come to life.



 Viking Conference Table

Viking Conference Table by Wildetecture


A South African architectural firm, Wildetecture, designed this bold Viking inspired piece.  If you're looking to invade and conquer from the comfort of your conference room, this may be the right table for you.


These office conference tables help bring a new meaning to the word creative.  What do you think of these innovative designs?  Feel free to post your comments below.